Thursday, 21 February 2013

Are you struggling?

Are emotions different from feelings? Have you ever questioned what role your thoughts play in determining your happiness or unhappiness? What is real and what do I make up in my mind?

Did you know that the very first sign of stress in your body changes your breath into the flight or fight mode, signaling your body to release stress hormones into your body? And if you do not consciously release this pattern your body remains in stress. That your body and mind are intricately linked, every thought you have amplifies throughout your body.

Your world is your creation.  But how can you change it if it is not going well?

You must understand the true nature of your mind. Self knowledge reveals a logical and precise method of coming to understand the true nature of your mind through a process that enables you to question and verify everything for yourself to recognise the truth of who you are, a divine being whose state of being is happiness, bliss and clarity. There is one truth one pathway to eternal happiness and peace. It is recognising that your happiness lays within you.


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