Saturday, 24 November 2012

The 'maya' of the mind

In Sanskrit there is a term 'maya' it loosely translates as seeing or believing something that doesn't actually exist. You could say this entire world is 'maya', it doesn't actually exist but you can not see this as you did not create it.

One could say the same of your mind, when those destructive and negative repetitive thoughts rumble around in your mind we could call them 'maya' or the I virus.
The difference here being 'you' did create them or at least the 'I virus' created them.

So what can you do to remove them?

Simply do not engage with them, do not 'think about them, the more you think about them the bigger they become. As these thoughts are false they have a very low energy frequency whereas the truth of who you are has a very high energy frequency.

So simply drop them, let them go...return to the stillness and silence that you are, this will provide the space to gradually realise the truth of who you are.


Thursday, 22 November 2012

One Pointedness - Sadadhanam

We live in a world of constant activity always 'doing' rather then 'being'. When ever there is a 'gap' in our thought activity rather then allowing ourselves to simply rest in that 'gap' that space, the 'I virus' immediately fills your mind with activity again.

When you next have the opportunity to experience stillness, silence either through a meditation or a quiet moment perhaps in nature, close your eyes and make a constant choice to allow yourself to just sit in that silence, feel it, experience it.

This is your natural state of being, where no thoughts disturb you, yet you are alert and present. In this state you eventually access your higher guidance, your higher intelligence.

However do not try and seek this with your mind, your mind can never grasp the truth of who you are, you are beyond your mind.


Sunday, 18 November 2012

Being Present in the Now

Our world is our creation and it can change with a thought. How many problems do you perceive you have in your life at this time? Probably a few…

Now, try bringing your mind to this present moment, closing your eyes, bringing your attention to your breath and being completely attentive to this single moment. Let no thoughts distract you. Now in this present moment are there any problems?

No, there can be no problems in the present moment; they cannot exist because in this moment everything is just as it is. How do you feel? Do you sense the space and lightness of this moment? Wouldn’t it be nice to experience this as a state of being?

The problems you experience in your life are the sum total of all your projections, what if’s and attachments to falsified thoughts creating stories in your life.

Silencing your mind, finding the space between your thoughts, your words, your actions, being in the present moment returns you to your natural state of being.

Begin to practice this often you will be richly rewarded.


Change can only happen from within You

This is part of my journey, which I would like to share with you.

It began with an egg; well it didn't really, as there is no beginning or end simply the sum total of many experiences accompanied with a very questioning mind.

So about twenty five years ago (precisely half my life) through a self enquiry and questioning mind resulting from seeking responsibility for my health and well being I learnt about the state of caged hens.
There after I chose to never buy an egg from a caged hen. At this stage free ranging hens eggs were rather expensive, almost twice the price of caged hens eggs. It was very much a conscious choice, it was expensive and one that led us to having a number of henny penny’s in our suburban back yard.

Several months ago I was delighted to notice that free ranging hens eggs are now comparable to caged hen’s eggs, in some cases even cheaper. Wow I though this is amazing… however as I stood and watched people purchasing eggs in my local Coles I couldn't understand why were people still buying eggs from caged hens, if you haven’t already just type into google ‘ caged hens’ you’ll get an idea of my disbelief.

Now I can understand people not being able to afford free range eggs twenty-five years ago, but today? Are we so detached, separated from what happens in the world around us, that we do not even question what we are putting into our bodies? Where has this food come from that is sustaining us and how has it been treated? What impact does it have on this earth? What is the eco footprint of the food we eat? Change begins from each of us individually.

If you are looking for direction in Australia you may like to check out this link: Sustainable Table is a not-for profit organisation that empowers people to use their shopping dollar for a food system that is fair, humane, healthy and good for the environment.


Monday, 5 November 2012

'Atma kah' - Who am I?

Well that would depend on who you are associating the 'I' with.

If you are associating the 'I' as your body and mind you have just limited yourself to something finite and limited and rather chaotic!

Atma, translates as 'the Self is the truth'.
All else is false, unreal.
Therefore Atma kah is the reality beyond all falsehoods.

The moment you identify with something you drag the limitations of that something on your self.

To access the Atman, the Self within each of us we need to understand the nature of our false attachments to our thoughts, people and experiences.

To detach from these false attachments in order to gain the insight, simply begin to command the mind to return to your natural state of silence by choice when ever you choose.