Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The need to watch your mind

A Good Story

A man was walking along a road, followed by two foreigners. It happened that this man saw something glittering on the path. He picked it up, observed it and put it in his jacket.

The other two, behind him, saw what he did and one said to the other: "A bad thing for you, isn't it?" But the other man, who was the devil, answered: "No, what that man just found is the truth, but I shall help him to organise it"

All of your suffering, negativity and anxiety stems from what we can call an 'I virus ' in your mind resulting from falsely attaching to thoughts, mind and body. Like any form of great intelligence if you do not understand it, it will lead to chaos. With depression now being predicted by the WHO as the second largest disease after heart disease the 'virus' is growing.

The reference to the devil is simply the 'I virus', the glittering object is the 'truth' which is available to you which rests inside of you, you just can't recognise it at this point as it is buried under layers of falsified thoughts with the associated stories and negativity.

To find the truth there is a logical process through Self Knowledge.
To be able to gain this knowledge without the 'I virus' corrupting it, the first step, the first lesson is being able to quieten and still the mind by choice. You will come to understand that the natural state of the mind is 'silence' with thoughts always available in the recesses of the mind. It is only falsified thoughts that crowd the mind.

One must rest in the silence and space of the mind, in this present moment. The truth of the words shared in Self Knowledge can only be received from this space, not the 'maya' of the mind.

Enjoy silencing your mind.


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