Sunday, 24 March 2013

The true nature of your mind

The mind can be considered a relay station, its purpose being to receive instructions from the intelligence within. The role of a thought, which we have an infinite number of, are a little like building blocks from which our intelligence can build from.  
Pause here for a moment, see if you can quieten your mind, now watch the next thought appear. Stay detached but alert, a little like a cat waiting at the entrance to a mouse hole, who is doing the observing? Now let go of this attentiveness and notice how the mind attaches to the thought, note the quality of your mind becoming dull and how you feel.
Now rather than focusing on the thought look at the space, the silence that exists at each side of the thought, the space that allows the thought to exist, rest in this space. Note the quality of your mind, how you feel here. Can you feel the difference?
Rather then using our thoughts as we were designed to, we immediately falsely identify with our thoughts as being us and create ‘stories’ projections and ‘what if’s’ around them. And like any form of intelligence if we do not know how to use it, it will lead to chaos and destruction.
When we receive a computer, we sit down to learn how to run the programs. We organise our files and create structure and come to understand how to use our computers. What happens when we get a virus on our computer?  Suddenly files won’t open or other pages pop up when we don’t want them. Files are manipulated and distorted. And sometimes we have a really vicious virus we don’t even realise we have until it has infiltrated and corrupted all our files. What do we do, do we throw the computer out and get a new one?
No, we have valuable files and memory stored on that computer, our life experiences. We remove the virus and only then are we able to receive information that has not been altered or corrupted.
Imagine your mind is a computer, a very sophisticated computer. It has more megabytes than any other known to man. However it has a virus, which is so virulent you don’t even realise it exists, yet you feel the effects of it.   
Lack of control in your life, a continual struggle to maintain your thoughts that have the ability to drive you to fear, sadness, loss, alienation and despair. Or perhaps for you that vague feeling of is this it? Is this the sum total of my life, what have I actually achieved; it all feels so meaningless, have I chosen the right pathway in my life? You were designed to be master of your mind, in order for it to receive the knowledge that would guide you on your life path. Instead the virus of false identification has resulted in the mind controlling you.
While the virus of false identification associated with its limited beliefs and perceptions exists in the mind whatever knowledge is gained will be tainted/corrupted by the virus. This is why the enlightened beings understood the first requirement to understanding the Self was to prepare the mind to be open to receive.
How do you remove the virus and false attachment? It is not sufficient to simply empty your mind, you have precious information, knowledge and memories. To understand the nature of your mind and gain control of it you need to go beyond the current self-limited beliefs. You need to access an open mind in order to use your higher intelligence. The knowledge is revealed only when we begin to quieten the mind and return to the stillness within.
We are all like the seeds of a banyan tree; all the knowledge is within this tiny seed to grow into a magnificent tree. If the ground is fertile the seed will grow, to its full potential. If the soil is compacted and hard the seed cannot survive or the tree will grow weak and twisted.
As it is with each of us, we all have the knowledge, dormant within us. Like the seed of the tree, we all have the potential to be cultivated to our full potential if our minds are prepared for the seed of knowledge to grow.
We were designed to be masters of our minds instead it is more likely you are being controlled and dictated to by your mind, resulting in most people living in a state of permanent exhaustion. Because this is your ‘normal’ state of existence you don't even realise you are operating in this state of mental fatigue.

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