Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The Pebble Meditation

The Pebble Meditation

Breathe slowly and deeply, following each breath, becoming one with the breath.

Then let go of everything. Think of yourself as a pebble, which is falling through a clear stream.

While sinking, there is no intention to guide the movement. 

Detached from everything, it falls by the shortest distance possible, finally reaching the spot of total rest on the gentle sand of the riverbed.

You are like a pebble, which has let its Self fall into the river, letting go of everything.

At the center of your being is your breath.

Continue meditating on the pebble until your mind and body are at complete rest: a pebble resting on the sand.

Remain in this peace and joy while witnessing your breath. No thought about the past or future can pull you away from your present peace and joy. The universe exists in this present moment.