Friday, 28 September 2012

The Silence of the Mind

Self Knowledge requires an open mind where the words of the teacher can be revealed while the individuals’ prejudices or personal views are suspended. 
It then requires you to use your thinking mind. 
Only in this manner will you be able to verify the truth for yourself.
This requires commitment and discipline, if the desire to seek freedom from the suffering within the constraints of your own mind is with you, this process flows naturally.

Like the surface of the water it is only when it is still, it is able to reflect the light, a mind cluttered with thoughts is already clouded with ones own perceptions and beliefs.

Try this following breathing meditation to help begin to quieten the mind, practice it often until you naturally seek the silence within.

Check in Breath

Sit comfortably with your back supported. Rest with your hands palms up or resting against your belly. Close your eyes. Bring your attention to the breath. Begin to observe your breath

Breathe in softly through the nose and then release a nice long exhalation either through the nose or if it is more comfortable then release your first exhalation as a long sigh through the mouth.

Feel the tension releasing from the upper body, the facial muscles softening. Breathe in again through the nose, feel the belly softly expanding outwards, the chest following, await the pause then breathe out, exhaling through the nose.

Relax your shoulders outwards and downwards towards your waist. Keep your attention inwards with observing the breath.

If a thought enters the mind, acknowledge and then release on the next exhalation, let no thoughts disturb you.

Continuously allow your attention to rest with the breath, paying attention to the pauses.

Eventually you will come to a place of silence and stillness in the mind.
When you are ready to bring your mind to the present allow that to be a conscious choice.

Note: if you find you have a tendency to breathe out through the mouth, gently place the tip of the tongue on the roof of the mouth, just behind the teeth, the tongue will rest there naturally.


I will be sharing notes from Self Knowledge Vedanta classes. I hope you enjoy.

With blessings,
Megan - Om Shanti