Thursday, 20 December 2012

Your body is an instrument keep it in beautiful condition

The body is an instrument that amplifies all your thoughts, therefore the energy of your thoughts vibrates through the entire body and mind, both spoken and unspoken. Who you are, what you perceive, what you think, these thoughts become you. And they leave an energetic 'imprint' in your body.

What are the quality of your thoughts at this very moment?
How are you breathing? Are you breathing or holding your breath?

Can you be present with your breath, your body or has your mind raced you far away?

Take a moment to watch, to observe what are the thoughts currently in your mind. Watch them as if they were 'outside' of yourself.

Now choose if you wish to retain these thoughts or delete. What would you like to 'think'?

Play with your thoughts, think of something beautiful, calm and you feel the tension releasing from you body, your breath becoming deeper? Now think of something that you currently perceive causes you anxiety and watch your body follow.....

Megan - Om Shanti