Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Preparing your mind to receive in openness

Why is it so necessary to spend time in silence in order to learn to master your thoughts? Because this is the only time you have access to realising the truth of who you are. 
To begin to understand the true nature of your thoughts and thinking mind and move beyond the limiting false attachments, which currently prevent you from seeing the truth of who you are.

Often if you wish to write a reflection, you sit quietly and ‘collect your thoughts’. This enables you to remove the multitude of other distracting thoughts racing through the mind and gives you the mental ‘space’ in which to write. Sometimes you may close your eyes to bring your attention inwards. You instinctively quieten the mind in order to be able to ‘think.’ This space or silence provides the substratum for the ‘thinking mind’.

Just as when you run and then stop it takes a while to catch your breath, to slow your heart rate and to return to your normal state. Your day-to-day living may be very similar to ‘running’. Your thoughts, speech and actions are continually ‘running off in all directions, uncontrolled. You are very rarely ‘present’ as your mind is full of distracting thoughts. If your mind is full of thoughts your mind is not ‘free’ to comprehend or receive this knowledge. Therefore we quieten our minds in order to receive. We quieten our minds in order to be 'present' in this moment, which is the only moment we have, everything else is a projection.


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