Saturday, 30 April 2016

Musings of the Everyday

To be the observer

It began in my 54th year… umm 54 years of living to recognise I have a body and a mind yet I am neither. I simply have them to use as a sort of vehicle. A bit like an electric bicycle weaving in and out of life, quite silently.

Is there a moment in time, a beginning, no rather a continuum, a cyclical continuum. Visualise an enormous three dimensional game board with all sorts of pathways, you can customise your own if you like, colours, fluorescent lights, hills, valleys, caves, deep dungeons or soaring cliffs.

Now plonk yourself anywhere on this board...which pathway will you choose? If you have a fairly questioning mind you will be very interested in where all these pathways travel, without becoming too stuck in any which path. Along the way, with this questioning mind you will begin to notice things, predictable patterns in all humans and you may find after a while that what ever happiness you are seeking is becoming rather illusive.
Yet perhaps in the quieter times in your life you experience the stillness and silence which remains constant, like an old friend. You may begin to notice the deepening silence in these timeless moments. And then you may begin to question yourself, why all this stress and suffering? For in the present moment the beauty of life can be seen as it is, there is no stress here. 

My work has been helping people see this, when they came to me I helped them see that their perceived stress and suffering were not caused by anyone or anything but by the creations in their own mind.  

But nature was calling me, spend some more time here with us, it felt good. You see everything is energy of some sort and nature has its own which is simply as it is, humans on the other hand create all sorts of negative draining energy. So I took a sabbatical and began to spend extended periods of time at my property, 100 acres of paradise in Northern NSW, Australia.

Now while one is in nature the questioning seeking mind never leaves...the ability to detach from the domination of mind identification begins to open up naturally.

It was around 1am, I was walking through a park (back in that human world I was worried about a daughter late home so thought I'd take a walk through the park - illogical right?) And as I was walking, I was suddenly that same person probably aged around six years walking through a backyard forest. It was one and the same moment, well sort of, only separated by forty-eight odd years...

I found this rather interesting, here I was my mind full of projections on the safety of my daughter, completely immersed in all sorts of terrible possibilities and amongst all that angst...a window opened in my mind. I recognised that window was reality and everything else was a story, a play.

I witnessed in that moment there is one same consciousness in life and while years may pass and change occurs, the one who is the observer never changes.

When a window is opened in consciousness it never closes, light has been let in and that light just keeps getting brighter. Of course life does not immediately follow a wonderful state of enlightenment, rather it becomes abundantly clear which path to follow, a little like chalk and cheese.

It is often in times in life when heaps of trauma seems to be happening for you, that if flashes of enlightenment follow they are very strong. I think of it as the universe saying wake up, I’ve been trying to reach you and you don't listen so I have to keep lifting the ante to get your attention. And every thing happens for a reason for us to learn from.

So what has this insight provided? Simply that the purpose of life, that eternal search for happiness is as simple as living, truly living in every moment not in your mind, certainly use your intelligence, meditation (silencing your mind alone will never be enough) but silencing your mind is the beginning because it will quieten the incessant repetitive boring and depressing pattern of your mind identifications.

It came to me a few weeks ago to begin writing again (this of course is a few years after writing a book which I thought at that point I wouldn't need to write anything again). For those among you who are more cerebral go to Amazon and look up 'A State of Mind - Happiness beyond all anxiety'. Don't worry you don't have to be anxious to read it, but it would probably help.

I’m going to share my writings through this blog for a while. Keep posted as the universe lifted the ante for me this year.
One of my roles in life is a teacher and I now have much to share on how to keep your body healthy and free from disease.