Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Your choice on the path to consciousness

To move beyond all the limitations of body and mind is your choice. Your world is your creative reality. Your destiny is yours to choose and yours alone.

When students tell me that they do not have a choice in certain circumstances. When they say, ‘my personality does not allow this or that or something prevents them’, my response is:

To say you do not have a choice reveals that you are not taking responsibility or ownership of your life. You are either allowing others to dictate or control you or you are doing this to yourself.  You are limiting yourself to an identity that you have created along with all the maya of limited beliefs, attachments likes and dislikes. Whatever the mind becomes identified with, it is limited by. If you believe you are anxious you will be anxious, if you believe you are fearful you will be fearful. You are not what you believe yourself to be.

You have the knowledge to now move beyond all your false limitations of the mind. When you are present, in this single moment, in silence you are with your Self and able to access your higher self.

Mastering the mind sufficiently, so you can choose when you wish to silence the mind, where no falsified thoughts disturb you. You can think of this as kindergarten. This is the first and necessary step required in order to go beyond your false attachments.

The next step is by understanding the nature of your thoughts you can now recognize your catalogue and patterns of falsified emotional thoughts and begin to release.

You can now identify when you experience an emotion by recognizing it and holding it up to the light of Self-Knowledge, then it disappears. Eventually you will attain ‘samadhi’, when you are with yourself in silence as much as when you are with your thoughts. This stage is acquired when you have removed all your falsified thoughts, so thoughts now rest in the recesses of your mind as they were designed to. To be used when you choose.

Let us look at a definition of 'samadhi', when you are with yourself as much as when you are with your thoughts.  This is a level of consciousness where you see everything as it is, that is…. you exist at a level of higher consciousness where you can 'see the nature of your thoughts for what they are'.

Remember the seer as opposed to seeing, the hearer as opposed to hearing. So while you exist in silence you also witness everything. 

Think of the blue sky above, in its totality and existence it can see the clouds (thoughts) and the people, trees and houses. Nothing disturbs the sky, in its existence all can be seen as it is, it does not try to become a tree why would it when it can be a witness to all?

So why do you wish to limit your Self to your body and mind? Your beautiful body and mind together, provide a refined vehicle for the realization and expression of the Self beyond any thing you could comprehend at this point.

So sit in silence and once you have silenced your mind you can begin to access your higher Self and question.

If I recognise my happiness is not dependent on external people or things then why I am I still suffering? If a thought is just a suggestion why am I falsely attaching. The Self enquiry is constantly inwards, use your notes, and question, question, question. Minds can have very strong patterns, that is fine but in Self -Knowledge you can hold them up to the light and verify them, then you choose in clarity and wisdom not ignorance.

If you read your notes they keep these new ideas 'fresh' in your mind, at the forefront of your mind, therefore in the silence and openness these suggestions arise as insights or realisations.

Self-knowledge is the recognition of the truth of who we are beyond all identities. We feel this truth throughout our lives, you could call it our intuition. Some come through this life time accessing this truth early in their lives most only glimpse it and some come to a place of openness with their minds to receive this knowledge.

Once you come to this point you will begin to see evidence of this higher knowledge around you. It will be like you have had shaded glasses on all your life and a new reality opens up before you.

So now I say to you, if you wish to live peacefully then live in peace. Focus on your potential not your falsely imposed limitations. Do not judge yourself on this journey, see every experience as an opportunity to learn something from.

The first step required to coming to understand the true nature of your mind is to clear your mind of the scattered constant flurry of activity and mindless projections that take you away from being present and exhausts you.

Close your eyes and come to the breath

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