Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Freedom from anxiety, fear and unhappiness

Can you recall ever been taught by someone who had the knowledge but had also experienced what they were speaking of? Their whole body would be expressing the truth of what they had to share, engaging, fully attentive, present, stimulating your mind. A teacher who was able to impart such knowledge to you that you felt what was being taught?

I was participating in a trek one day. There was a gentleman who was rather vocal and he talked with great authority about treks around the world. Although he had not actually ever left Australia he was clearly well read in the areas he was talking about. However it was a little like someone relating statistics, there was no feeling or experience in his words. He was just recounting what someone else had written.

Later that day we had a break for lunch and I found myself sitting next to an older gentlemen. As we talked he shared some of his life’s experiences. His work with sustainable agriculture had taken him to many countries. When he talked of his travels he brought the countries alive, his words were infused with feeling and meaning. When he spoke of the Himalayas he revealed the beauty and magnificence of the mountains, beyond what any textbook could ever reveal.

Whilst the teacher is able to provide the knowledge and the means of knowledge through his/her own experiences it requires you the individual to use the gift of your thinking mind to then reveal the truth of your own experiences for yourself. No one can give you this knowledge. It cannot be bought or sold, it is priceless and we each have it within us. Your destiny lies in revealing this for yourself. And the result is more magnificent and liberating then anything you could imagine. It brings you freedom from anxiety, emotional turmoil and unhappiness.

Each of us has a divine being within us, we feel this connection through our intuition, our inner voice. Yet we bury this voice in the fear that we manifest in our minds and move through life never quite revealing the magnificence of the Self that we are, never quite realising our full potential of grace and beauty.

We begin to understand the inner self only when we start to understand who we are. The path of Self Knowledge reveals the journey inwards to our ultimate destination, the illumination of the Self, liberation from the bondage of your own mind.

Close your eyes and come to the breath

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