Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Know your own mind

 There is a method of communication that you use every moment of your life yet you are most probably unaware of it. It is the language of your energy field that speaks louder and truer then any words you could possibly speak.

You may relate to meeting someone who doesn’t really look any different from any one else yet they exude the most magnificent presence you feel it is a gift and a blessing to be in their presence. And then there may have been times when someone has entered a room and despite their smiles and friendly words you felt enormous hostility or anger perhaps even danger.

You knew something was not right.

What you feel gives a truer representation of the reality of what you are experiencing then your mind will. Most of the people you encounter in life are unconscious, you will no longer be considered the norm.

And how would one define the norm?  As you may recognise most people exist in a state of suffering to various degrees from emotional ups and downs, closed minds, depression, anxiety, exhaustion, anger, abuse, ignorance, and fear.  Is this the norm you aspire too?

Revealing the truth of who you are changes you, clearly in the most wonderful way. Be aware however, that some of your friendships may change. Some will challenge you because you are changing the dynamics of how you relate. You now relate from a place of truth while others may still be veiled in their false emotional attachments. Determine your own worth instead of letting others do it for you. Anyone else will short-change you.

Story: A king decided he wished to find the worth of the men in his kingdom and he set out to find a real man. If a man walks to me as a real man, I will give him a horse, if he comes out as a chicken I will give him a chicken. Word of this went around the villagers. At the first village a man walked out, confident and strong the king was pleased, you should have a horse, he proclaimed. The man then turned around and called to his wife, do you want a brown one or a grey one?
The king turned away in disappointment, you get a chicken.

Hold guard over your own mind, it is precious, there is not another one like it in the world, you are unique. You just need to discover this for your Self.

Close your eyes and come to the breath

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