Monday, 11 February 2013

Your Beautiful mind

You have a beautiful mind. While the brain is capable of immense intelligence and logic the mind is able to express the potential and reality of the Self and all it encompasses.

This is the potential however very few of us come close to this realisation because we simply do not understand the nature of our minds we believe we are our minds. The mind is an extraordinary creative instrument. Take a moment now to watch a thought … yes you can do it, a little like a passing image on a screen.

Do you sometimes wonder who is doing the watching, the observing?

Self-Knowledge is perhaps different from any other forms of self-help, meditation, counselling or spiritual pursuits you may have encountered. Unlike other paths of meditation which deal with quietening the mind only, Self Knowledge recognises that quietening the mind in itself is simply the stepping stone to understanding the Self, for thoughts will always be with us, we need them. It is not enough to empty the mind of thoughts, you need to recognise them and see them for what they are. You need to use your ‘thinking logical mind’ to reveal the Self. Thoughts are there for you to choose to use when required, although at this stage of your life it may be more like they are controlling you.

An over stressed executive decides he needs to escape from his demanding work. Suffering from high blood pressure, lack of sleep and in constant conflict with his wife, life is not going well. He goes away for a long weekend retreat. For three days he is taught how to quieten his mind and find the peace within.  At the end of the three days he feels wonderful. He has just experienced two full nights sleep, no alcohol, and no caffeine.  He hops into his car and starts to drive home. However after 10 minutes he drives straight into the back of a car in a highway collision. Infuriated he jumps out of his car. His nice new Mercedes, which he had only purchased two weeks ago, has a full frontal ding in it. He loses his temper and starts to scream at the other driver. ‘You damn fool, look what you have caused! You should get off the road and go to a bloody retreat to get your head in order.

Walking in the street we see people, heads leaning forward following the dialogue of their chattering minds, not even being present in their bodies let alone their minds.

Close your eyes and take this single moment to be present with the act of breathing. With this one conscious action, right here, right now, we can begin a profound journey inwards to understanding the Self.

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