Tuesday, 9 October 2012

What is the natural state of your mind?

The natural state of the mind, is simply silence, stillness. That is, no thoughts rumbling around.
In this natural state the mind is open to receive the higher wisdom and intelligence that is available to us.
Ask yourself, how often is your mind completely silent?
If you find there is a constant dialogue in your mind there is literally no space for anything new or fresh to enter. You close your minds like a vault and what is inside of this vault?
Invariably it will be a collection of negative falsified damaging thoughts, not a nice environment.

The solution is logical and simple, open your minds to let the light of knowledge and truth in, what ever you hold up to the light is transformed by the light.

Set an intention to 'check in' on your mind throughout the day to become aware of what is actually going on. Take on the role of the observer and begin to practice stilling the mind as a conscious choice.

om shanti shanti shanti

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