Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Emotion of Fear

Fear undermines everything we do in life.

So where does this emotion as a clouded thought, fear appear from?

It appears from everything you have unconsciously been taught or picked up, from the state of separateness from your self.

Fear is an emotion that does not actually exist; it is a creation of your unconscious mind. The flight or fight response we have in our body is real. It is activated when we need to act quickly in order to survive. The flight or fight response is not activated by thoughts but by the intelligence of the body.

The fears you feel are a false creation in your minds based on unreality.
And there are an infinite number of fears you can create for yourself. If they weren’t so destructive and debilitating we could reflect on how imaginative our minds are.

Our society has based itself on creating separateness, from ‘the gods’ as being separate from us, from the false association of the mind implying the mind some how controls us, from the unknown.

We hide from the silence of our minds as if dangers lurk there, trying to replace the silence with either activity or thoughts we think will make us happy while trying to block thoughts we think will make us unhappy. We are giving energy to something that we have created in our minds that are not even real.

If we can let go of the projection of the emotion of fear, and sit in the silence of our being you will move beyond all emotions that hold you back, including fear.

Let us review what is the mind? It is not material like our brain or body, it is not physical it is a creative entity capable of extraordinary ability. You are not your body or mind they are vehicles for the expression of your self.

The mind was designed to receive instructions from the higher self, the intelligence within, while utilising the thoughts, the logic of the brain and senses to enact.

Instead in ignorance we have taken thoughts, which are merely suggestions attached emotions and created chaos.  Remember we were designed to be master of our minds.

Verify this for your self, the next time you begin to feel an emotion which you will come to recognise causes a physiological change in your body that something is not right, stop, identify and catch the thought, stop engaging, delete, come to the silence of the breath, this present moment and feel the difference. Your breath will begin to deepen, the shoulders will begin to relax, and you will feel calm and in control once more.

To engage in emotions is to give them energy that results in a depletion of your self and begins an exhausting process. Why would you energise something that is destructive and not real?

Self-knowledge empowers you, you will come to recognise that there is nothing to fear in this world, in life.

Close your eyes and come to the breath

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