Saturday, 13 October 2012

Discover a little about your Self

When students begin studying Self Knowledge after a few weeks I ask them to reflect and write, what is it that has brought them to Self Knowledge, what are they seeking in life?

It may well be something not quite tangible that cannot be expressed in words yet I would encourage you to look within and find all those dreams, aspirations, things you desired or believed in at one point in your life that have not yet come to fruition. I emphasis that these be your dreams and aspirations not someone else's impositions on you. And if you should find when you do this, that there is simply nothing there that is okay after all this is the journey where you will find your Self.

Invariably this opens up a whole new realm of realisations often taking the students by surprise, are there really so many things in their life they wish to change, do they really suffer all these anxieties and feelings of uncertainty and fear? In reflecting and writing it helps them to come to their first truth and realisation about themselves, that is how much they shroud and hide how they feel.

I invite you to do this now, take the time to find a comfortable quiet place and choose a time when you will be alone and not rushed. Make a little ceremony of it, perhaps making a cup of tea or coffee a glass of water, pause, close your eyes, observe your breath, and then begin to write. Wait for the words to be revealed, they will. You may be surprised by what your reflective writing reveals.

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