Saturday, 6 October 2012

Detachment is a valuable tool

The biggest hurdle for students at the beginning of their study is that they tend to fall back into reactive patterns despite their intentions.

They have mastered their minds sufficiently to be able to still their minds and return to the silence however by not realising how strong their preconditioned patterns of attaching to thoughts and projections really are, getting lost in their roles continues for awhile, like a ball rolling down a hill it has a certain momentum.

If you have had a strong emotional attachment to a thought or pattern of behaviour that has been repeated time and time again, which has invariably been experienced as pain and suffering it has a stronger imprint. This usually applies to long-term relationships including family members.

Remember people you do not know do not cause you any problems.

You will find initially it is easier to observe and master your thoughts around people you have not formed relationships with.

Be gentle with yourself, you are releasing years of old inbuilt negative patterns, celebrate each time you maintain your awareness and see every experience an opportunity for growth. 

The ability to remain detached is valuable it helps you to not only see your own thoughts and responses it allows you to see others as they are, without judgement, simply observation.

What do you need to do to detach?
Simple, return to the silence and space within the mind, if there are thoughts hanging around (they will be falsified ones) just release and return to the space and silence that gave form to those thoughts. This is your natural state of being and receptivity.

Close your eyes and come to the breath

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