Thursday, 25 October 2012

Silence is Natural

To be silent is natural, it has a natural fulfilment you do not need to do anything to be silent. To talk, act and think requires effort.

Silence is our natural state of being. I cannot state I am being silent because to speak I am creating sound. I simply am the silence. Sound is noise, it has a beginning and an end. It is finite.

Sound can only be produced because of the silence and space that exists. Sounds and objects are surrounded by the same silence. It is only when sound appears does silence come into being. Silence is all permeating.

Try hitting a surface in front of you now, you are creating sound. Now stop, are you aware of the silence that appears? Were you aware of the silence before you created sound?

It is silence and space that gives form to all things. This same silence is the substratum for the thinking mind. A Mala chain when swung will always return to its centre, stillness. Representing the return to the self, stillness and silence.

How often does your mind rest in silence, which is your natural state of being?
Or is it more normal for you to have constant thoughts running through your mind?

When students begin the study of Self Knowledge they are universally amazed with the concept of a quiet still mind as a natural state of being. Their minds are so very rarely quiet, it is that constant thought activity that exhausts and drains them. When they come to experience the silence their lives are transformed.

Begin to take the time during each day and evening to simply sit in silence using the breathing meditation to bring you to this space. Remember you are making a conscious choice to sit in silence, therefore let no thoughts disturb you. The breath will always bring you to the present moment. Just close your eyes, still your mind, invite the silence.

You may find when you first begin to do this you feel extremely tired, exhausted perhaps. This is normal, your mind and body have been in a state of stress from constant mind aggravation for years. We were not designed to function in this manner. You have been controlled by thoughts and senses whereas you were designed to be master of both mind and senses.

This will increasingly become a place you return to, it provides deep peace and relaxation, the stilling of the mind in order to find the clarity beyond the mind. It is the substratum for the portal to the Self.

Be gentle with your self through these processes, you have spent a lifetime being lost and dictated to by your thoughts, building up layers of protection to cope, it takes time to peel back the layers.

Let these silences occur with no expectations; it is enough to simply be present with the breath. Most of us live in a state of constant exhaustion, how often do you wake up refreshed and invigorated?

You can think of these silences, as ‘time out’, as a place to begin to reconnect with the self.

Close your eyes and come to the breath

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