Saturday, 6 October 2012

Understanding the nature of your mind

We have a beautiful mind.

Our bodies consist of an extraordinary sophisticated integration of senses, of action and perception, a physical body, a brain capable of immense intelligence and logic and a mind to express the potential and reality of the Self and all it encompasses.

This is the potential however very few of us come close to this realisation because we simply do not understand the nature of our minds we believe we are our minds.
The mind is an extraordinary creative instrument, take a moment now to watch a thought, yes you can do it, a little like a passing image on a screen.

Does it not beg the question, who is doing the watching, the observing? 

Thoughts in themselves are merely suggestions, they are finite and small, the potential to utilize these thoughts lies in the space and silence which gives form to them, the same space and silence which gives form to everything in this universe. Instead we falsely attach to these thoughts, thereby reducing ourselves to the limitations of what ever we identify with. We have been told that our world is a creation of our own thoughts and that we can change it, yet no one has told us how to actually do this, up to now those words have been empty. Self-knowledge logically reveals how to understand the nature of your mind and move beyond all false attachments. 

The regular practice of stilling the mind not only opens up the portal to the higher self, it allows you to experience silence and peace the natural state of the mind.


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