Saturday, 20 October 2012

What do you desire in Life?

As we begin our enquiry into revealing our natural state of happiness we need to know where to look. Once the destination is clear the journey can begin. At the moment it is probable that you base your happiness on external people, external objects, external places (even though you may think you don’t).

If I were to ask you, what do you want in life?

You may reply, happiness.

I would reply fantastic, then be happy.

Your reply may be, how can I be happy when there is so much war in the world, when my neighbours dog barks all night, when there is a tsunami in the world, when I get such a high rates bill, when my ex wife is suing me?

What you are actually saying to me is that in order for you to live happily all eternal objects and people must meet your perceived needs and desires.

While you continue to base your happiness on external people and external experiences you will be bound to suffering.

It is impossible to ever find happiness under these conditions, because the nature of the world is constant change.

You are unconsciously basing your happiness, contentment on, whenever you have a perceived need or desire then that must be met in order for you to be happy.

Think about that statement, think of someone in your life who currently causes you unrest at this moment. Whoever that person is, whatever they are doing or saying, they are simply being ‘them’.They cause me no unrest and probably no one else who is reading this blog, so why you?

Because you are unconsciously basing your happiness on that person meeting your perceived desires and needs of how they should be and that is gross ignorance because we do not control anyone else in this world only ourselves.

In consciousness you can see that they are simply being ‘them; then you can choose to continue to be associated with them or not.

You carry your happiness within you; it is not dependent on any external source, you create your life no one else does. 

Until you realise this, you are setting your self up for constant suffering and pain because you cannot control anything in this world except your self.
You can begin to take control of your life now. 

This week as you go about your life, sit back a little, take on the role of the observer. Notice when conflict arises rather then reacting, question yourself. Is the negative emotion you are experiencing a result of someone not doing what you want?


Close your eyes and come to the breath

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