Monday, 14 January 2013

You cannot see your thoughts clearly if you are in a role

Ok, so about now you may be beginning to feel some of the benefits of your practice, the ability to return to conscious breathing by choice.To silence the mind, being able to dissociate from the false attachment to the ‘I’, and being able to see the true nature of your thoughts in the quiet times. Experiencing less emotional turmoil in your life and then wham you drop back into old patterns of destructive and reactive behaviour.

Invariably you will find this happens when you are around people close to you.
Why does this happen?

Because these are relationships that have a strong pattern of false emotional attachments due to the number of repetitions you have played out in your roles together.

Typically the relationships you have had the longest, such as child, parent relationship will have the strongest and largest pattern of false emotional attachments to it.
Until you become aware of the nature of your mind, even when those roles are identified the maya of the mind will try to continue to keep the false emotions ‘alive’ with living and repeating the past, which is a huge drain on your life force and energy.

All that is required is first to recognise this. Then with this knowledge you will have a heightened awareness next time it happens.

With each repetition and recognition of the unconscious ‘maya’ of roles being played out again and again you will ultimately choose to cut the chain of automatic reactions. You will reach that stage of ‘I have had enough’.
Then you will be able to see the interrelationships for what they are and not get caught up in the emotional ‘maya’. 
Remember you only have one life to choose that is your own, only one mind to manage and that is your own, you do not control other people’s minds, thoughts or actions.
In order to instigate change it must come from within you for you, not with the intent to change another person for they are not yours to control.

Therefore detach from your thoughts to the space and silence. Drop into the present moment and in detachment witness the role you are currently in. Detach from the role and only then will you be able to see things as they are, without blame or judgement.

Close your eyes and come to the breath

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