Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Peripheral Vision

Peripheral Vision

Developing your peripheral vision arises simply from choosing to be the seer, hearer and taster. Detaching from your false identification of your mind, it opens up your vision to all that is around you.

When you only seek what you expect to see, your vision becomes narrow and confined, reduced to a preconceived thought…. however when you open up your mind to witness all that is around you, you open up your potential to see everything as it is.

It is like when you are at the beach looking at a rock pool under dark clouds and then the sun comes out. You had been looking in the pool for the last few minutes seeing very little, now suddenly a wonderful landscape has opened up. It was always there; you simply could not see it. The light of the sun illuminated what was in front of you all the time.

Much the same as the enlightenment from within allows you to see clearly all that is.

Releasing tension opening up your peripheral vision

Try this now, sit comfortably and close your eyes gently. Now squeeze all your facial muscles together as tightly as you can, then while keeping your eyes closed, release the contraction all the way up to your hairline.
Enjoy your eyes being bathed in fluid. Release your jaw moving it from side to side, then three dimensionally as if you were chewing something delicious.
With your eyes closed, repeat contracting the facial muscles and then releasing.
Let go of any desire to need to see when you open your eyes. Rather let images come to you, allow your ‘sight’ to arise from behind your eyes to open up your peripheral vision, smile.

Experience the clarity and detail around you.

Close your eyes and come to the breath

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