Sunday, 20 January 2013

Happiness not subject to loss

What do you want in life?

Invariably what we all seek in our lives is happiness. Not the happiness based on external experiences, which is short lived, and subject to change but a much deeper happiness of contentment, peace, joy, unconditional love and insight. This is a natural desire.

Happiness is our natural state of being and we recognise that being unhappy does not feel right. If happiness is a natural desire why do we not experience it, why are we searching for happiness? Why do we experience such unhappiness?

We do not need to be told one of the things you must do in this life time is to be happy, it is a natural state of being. Yet it alludes so many of us.

We are like the musk deer, always searching for the elusive fragrance, running ourselves to exhaustion searching whilst all the while it is carried within us, we simply do not recognise it. So not realising that happiness is within oneself we search for it outside.

The nature of the external world is one of change, constant change even the mountains are changing albeit slowly. The creation as we know it, is a space-time continuum.

If we want everlasting happiness, which is not subject to loss, then it cannot be created because anything created in time is subject to change in time. Therefore if I seek happiness as a state of being, which is constant and unchanging, I cannot find it in the external world.

Once you recognise that ever lasting happiness cannot be found in the external world it reduces the search somewhat.

Rama asks the question in the Baghdad Gita, 'there is so much suffering and chaos in the world how can I be at peace when there is so much turmoil? Ajuna replied if the sand were hot, when you walk your feet will burn. If the ground is frozen your feet will freeze. If the ground is covered in thistles the thistles would prick your feet. However if you wrap leather around your feet where ever you travel in this world you will carry your happiness with you'.

Once we realise that we carry our happiness within us, nothing has the ability to disturb us. That quiet persistent feeling within each of us, that eternal search to find peace and contentment. It is a returning home to the sanctuary within, our natural state of being. This life’s ultimate journey is to reveal this for our-selves.


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