Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The concept of time

At this point in your lives, you may feel that you are pressured by time, not having enough time, or constantly finding you need to fit everything into time. You may find you are constantly busy and always behind.

Have you ever noticed that when you have too many pages open on your computer that it begins to slow down, the load burdens it? It is not that you are actually using these pages; you have just left them open. When you realise what has happened you need to go back and close them. This results in inefficiency and clutter, your mind functions on clarity and space not clutter.

All your thought projections of what if’s, maybes, projections of the future and past memories resurfacing uninvited, cause clutter and chaos in our minds.
When there is space in the mind, there is clarity and when there is clarity it allows us to see…

What happens when you break the surface of the water, you can no longer see the reflection clearly; the image is distorted. However when the water is calm and still, it reflects the entire sky in all its entirety and all is revealed in that single moment.

When the mind is clear and present it is capable of seeing clearly, effortlessly and simultaneously all that needs to be seen, all that needs to be done, with not even thoughts required. It moves beyond the limitations of a narrow mind that is tight and confined. With a mind absorbed with false attachment to thoughts, time becomes compressed; an open mind is timelessness itself.


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