Sunday, 18 November 2012

Being Present in the Now

Our world is our creation and it can change with a thought. How many problems do you perceive you have in your life at this time? Probably a few…

Now, try bringing your mind to this present moment, closing your eyes, bringing your attention to your breath and being completely attentive to this single moment. Let no thoughts distract you. Now in this present moment are there any problems?

No, there can be no problems in the present moment; they cannot exist because in this moment everything is just as it is. How do you feel? Do you sense the space and lightness of this moment? Wouldn’t it be nice to experience this as a state of being?

The problems you experience in your life are the sum total of all your projections, what if’s and attachments to falsified thoughts creating stories in your life.

Silencing your mind, finding the space between your thoughts, your words, your actions, being in the present moment returns you to your natural state of being.

Begin to practice this often you will be richly rewarded.


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