Saturday, 24 November 2012

The 'maya' of the mind

In Sanskrit there is a term 'maya' it loosely translates as seeing or believing something that doesn't actually exist. You could say this entire world is 'maya', it doesn't actually exist but you can not see this as you did not create it.

One could say the same of your mind, when those destructive and negative repetitive thoughts rumble around in your mind we could call them 'maya' or the I virus.
The difference here being 'you' did create them or at least the 'I virus' created them.

So what can you do to remove them?

Simply do not engage with them, do not 'think about them, the more you think about them the bigger they become. As these thoughts are false they have a very low energy frequency whereas the truth of who you are has a very high energy frequency.

So simply drop them, let them go...return to the stillness and silence that you are, this will provide the space to gradually realise the truth of who you are.


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