Thursday, 22 November 2012

One Pointedness - Sadadhanam

We live in a world of constant activity always 'doing' rather then 'being'. When ever there is a 'gap' in our thought activity rather then allowing ourselves to simply rest in that 'gap' that space, the 'I virus' immediately fills your mind with activity again.

When you next have the opportunity to experience stillness, silence either through a meditation or a quiet moment perhaps in nature, close your eyes and make a constant choice to allow yourself to just sit in that silence, feel it, experience it.

This is your natural state of being, where no thoughts disturb you, yet you are alert and present. In this state you eventually access your higher guidance, your higher intelligence.

However do not try and seek this with your mind, your mind can never grasp the truth of who you are, you are beyond your mind.


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