Sunday, 24 March 2013

For You

Your breath is the interface between your body, mind and Self. We begin life with an in breath and we leave life with an out breath. 

It is the only connection you have between the external world and the internal world.  Between your external senses and your internal feeling within the body, between your intuition and your inner voice.

It is your dearest friend and companion, for without it you cease to exist. Every thought you have, every action and emotion you have experienced is imprinted on your breath. To breathe well is to live well.

Understanding how to uncover your natural breath is one of the most powerful methods you have available for wellbeing and health. Your body is a living system constantly recreating itself, renewing and revitalising.

Being present with your breath brings your awareness into the feeling aspect of your body. It allows you to be both present in body and time. Your mind likes to believe to breathe consciously involves work, it doesn't. 

Conscious breathing is one conscious thought with intent.  This thought then brings your attention into the ‘feeling’ aspect of your body not the mind. It creates a gap in the constant flurry of mind activity and gives you an opportunity to be present in the body. 
Try this now. Close your eyes and choose your next thought to be, where am I breathing in my body? See, it is easy. Now do it again and this time see if you can invite your breath to draw down lower within your body into the lower belly. Now watch, observe the breath here for a moment.
This in itself is a welcome relief from the exhaustive process of living with a 'virulent' mind. Now if you wish to stay in this space a little longer, comes the discipline of remaining with the breath allowing no thoughts to disturb you.
So throughout the 'working day' it only takes a second to choose to become conscious of where you are breathing in the body, the more you can do this the more you will benefit in your life. You can create countless opportunities to be present with your breath; after all it is with you all the time.

Close your eyes and come to the breath


  1. Beautiful post. Thank you Megan for the sharing.