Sunday, 24 March 2013

How to master your mind beyond all suffering

How does one come to master the mind? I have written a book based on my discourses as a teaching tool, currently being edited, should be available within two months. This will be supported by a series of recordings of my live discourses with students loaded as 'you tubes' based on the lessons in the book.

In the meantime one of the first qualifications of a student is to be able to master the mind sufficiently to 'quieten the mind' by choice. Ones mind must be open in order to receive this knowledge.

This blog has plenty of entries to help you do this. The more you are able to access this state of 'no mind' you will find that the words and tools shared in the discourses will reach you and provide immediate  positive changes in your life.

Megan - Om Shanti

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