Sunday, 4 September 2016

The Indefinable Quality of Creativity

We all have creativity, we have a right hemisphere and a left hemisphere. You may in the past have heard that the right hemisphere is used more for creativity and artistic pursuits and the left for logic and reasoning but this is in fact incorrect, they do not operate separately they interact together.

Just like the yin and yang symbol, the creative and intellectual forces are not separate they are intertwined.

The minds 'maya' or ego will always reinforce separateness, division, comparison, conflict and issues of low self worth to uphold its false identity.

The same false identity that needs to identify itself by the role you have in life.

One of the first questions asked upon meeting someone is: What do you do?
This of course is in order for the ego to then position itself against you, you are deemed worthy or not based on your profession.

When we mistakenly identify ourselves with our roles it limits us and creates fear for the ego, for who are we, if we are not our roles?

Try it now, stand in front of a mirror, take away whatever role you are role - less.

How do you feel, did you feel the fear and loss suddenly creep in?

Try saying in response, 'I live life fully'

That will stump most people for they can only communicate with labels.
For it is not what you do in life that defines you, it is who you are.
Humans are more concerned with having then Being.

Writing this has been a creative exercise.
Being creative is a balanced way of being, it is not limited to working with materials such as art or music or design, it is Being creative with life.


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