Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Changes necessary for a sustainable world and all its inhabitants, including us.

This post arose after talking to a friend who was presenting at a Social Innovation Conference in Scotland about how to change the world for the better.

The way the world operates at the moment is unsustainable and leads to widespread unhappiness and depression.  In a monetary focused society it brings fear of never having enough and fear leads to ultimate disease of mind and body, along with lack of individual choice and responsibility.

This can be evidenced by the spiraling rates of depression, anxiety, and stress related diseases such as the rise in auto immune diseases, cancers, endocrine system diseases, digestive, eliminative diseases, all arising from ongoing extreme stress (from the mind not physical) 

A new system would allow people to pause to 'catch their breath' and we would be dealing with an improved mindset, yet we must still address the individual mindset for real peace in this world. 

For a mindset that has not yet recognised we are all one and the same will create separateness and conflict. When we cut a tree down we hurt part of ourselves, when we poison the soil we poison ourselves.

This falsified identity that we humans tend to identify with is, for here I will call it the Ego. The Ego always needs negative energy and separateness to keep it 'alive'.

The Ego thrives in a chaotic mind and leaves no room for the bodily experiences of the sensorial world, our sensing bodies which allow us to begin to connect with the natural world and our inner selves.

If we go beyond the Ego, then the beauty of each and every one of us is revealed. It reveals our life's path and purpose for this lifetime. It leads to harmony and peace between all animals for we recognise we are one and the same. 

For if there is no Ego, then there is nothing I need to defend. One exists in a state of being of peace inner joy and love. And one has access to the much higher universal intelligence to guide us in this lifetime.  This is for each and every one of us in this fragile world.


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