Thursday, 2 May 2013

Security - Abundance - Joy - Love

Is there security in time or is there only complete security in the understanding and the truth that all time is in the now.
 The now is the ultimate security.
The now is, that which you are now.
However what you are at the moment, is a falsified state of attaching to all your thoughts, which comprises of content, all your fears, your longings, your depressions, experiences, knowledge, thoughts and in this consciousness contains the whole movement of thoughts and time.
And do you not believe that you are all these thoughts, these beliefs, fears, anxiety?
What you are, while your outward trimmings may be different inwardly your consciousness is the same as all men, so you are not individual at all- you are the rest of man kind humanity
And when you separate your Self now you create your problems, every human being suffers, anxious about something or another, every human being is frightened, suffering either physically or psychologically.
Your consciousness is shared by all humanity, now one can begin to realise the immense responsibility one has, and the nature of love not restricted to one another, you are the world and the world is you.
Is it possible to have thoughts resting at the recesses of the mind, in the background with no movement?  Yes
No movement of thoughts…  ask your Self now, is there any movement of thoughts? Are their any conversations going on in my mind?
 If there is then they are taking you away from the present moment, for thoughts in full consciousness as they are, only ever rest at the recesses of your mind.

Let go of our attachments, all conversations return to the welcome silence and tranquillity of an open still mind.


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